research project for a MSc degree

Brette Guy.Brette at
Sat Dec 26 18:08:24 EST 1998

Object: I am looking for a 2 months research project in neural networks
during next summer in order to validate my degree.

  I am currently a student at ENS Lyon (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon,
France), doing my second year abroad: I am studying a Master of Science in
Neural Networks at King's College, London. This degree requires a 2 months
research project to be validated, at the end of the second term, i.e.
during next summer.
  The courses I am doing this year are basically about the theory of neural
networks, e.g. analysis of the principal models, information theory,
statistical physics, dynamical systems and chaos... I have a good level in
maths and computer science as well. I speak French as a mother tongue,
English, French and a bit of Spanish.
  I would be interested in a research project in neural networks, either
theoretical or applied, biological modelling or artificial intelligence,
well, anything interesting !
  Thank you and happy new year !

    Romain Brette

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