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Sat Dec 26 19:32:44 EST 1998

Who has an explanation for the date/time stamps on these msgs?

Who has an explanation for the fact that bionet.neuroscience was closed
to me yesterday?

Now my posts appear, merged, post-dated?

What about the similar instance, that lasted for nearly 3 days, while I
was discussing "nonlethal weapons"?

In that prior instance, I was able to post, but my msgs were the only
new msgs that were made available to to my browser. Then, on the 3rd
day, I log in and see msgs from others that had date-time stamps that
were merged with the date-time stamps of the msgs I'd posted.

It's my analysis that I'd been interacting with a clone of this
Newsgroup's server, so that my posts could be "reviewed" before others
were allowed to read them.

I've been encountering similar things almost since I first came online
in 1988. It stinks, big-time.

So, if anyone "wonders" why I've been so "pushy", it's because I was
aware that I'd have to do what must be done in the midst of such

If anyone "wonders" why I use "funny" syntax and symbolism, it's my
response to this harassment that's gone on for so long.

The "folks" who are doing these things are Murderers and Thieves.

They want to withhold the understanding from those who suffer greatly,
even unto death.

Having to work in the midst of their harrassment has been a Sorrow.
Their "work" always transforms everything I'm able to do into a "comedy
skit", to which naive folks respond as it's "appropriate" to respond to
a commedy skit... all Credance becomes a Victim of this harrassment, and
in the absence of Credance, everything I work to do is dismissed without
consideration... which is the whole "idea" of these Murderous ones.

I shall not cease trying to get the understanding Communicated, but the
"hour" is late. All over the world, TD E/I is high Societies-wide. This,
when coupled with the Learned desire, on the parts of "have-not"
Nations, to follow the lead of the "have" Nations, with respect to
"nuclear", and other, weapons of mass destruction, has for the past few
years constituted a behavioral precedent hitherto NonExistent within

It's my =Honest= Analysis that we've got a year's "time" to get this
sorted out before things start going amygdalar (AoK, Ap5)
Societies-wide. If that happens, what will follow will be unstoppable.

Which is why I've been Willing to put up with all of the Truly-Jackass
responses that my posts have encountered.

It Hurts some, but I'm racing what will be the Demise of Humanity as it
presently Exists, so there's been no Choice in the matter... I'll "lick
my wounds" =after= the battle's won, or weep on the eve of destruction.
K. P. Collins

[P. S. I'm surprised that it seems, today, that I'll be allowed to post
in bionet.neuroscience. As a precaution, I'm going to duplicate, and
enhance, what I post here, elsewhere... or maybe I'll just begin again
in another place. kpc]

ken collins wrote:
> Krakatoa wrote in message ...
> >No, I don't think your posts are angry thrashing stuff. But they are,
> >generally speaking, extremely arrogant
> I admit that it's deliberately so. It's difficult, but necessary.
> I didn't start out this way. What's in me is to just do the work, and
> present the fruits of such labor. It's just the way tha I am.
> But for the first 10-12 years, I couldn't find anyone who'd just listen.
> I tried dilligently to find a venue. And I tried in respect-filled ways.
> Try to understand. I saw that I could not "abandon" efforts to get the
> understanding communicated. Yet, working within the system, the
> understanding would not be communicated... all I got were condescending
> lectures with respect to "how science is done", devoid of content.
> Looking backward, I do see that part of this stems from the way that I
> am. I've always seen farther than my teachers, all the way back to
> elementary school. And I learned, at a young age, that such creates
> "problems" that Wastefully get in the way of doing... what I always saw
> as a Joy-filled Gift, most of my teachers saw as "insolence", and I'd be
> "punished" for just doing what gave me Joy. So, at a very-early age, I
> learned to "be humble", and just teach in-secret. Then move on to the
> next thing.
> Why all this? It gives me Sorrow to see anyone knocking their head
> against a problem that they cannot resolve. So to eliminate my own
> Sorrow, I solve the problem and give them the solution.
> But one must only do this "in-secret" because, even though the Gift's
> in-there, folks experience the Gift as "insolence". So, I just became
> very-good at doing the Gift stuff in-secret. I don't know a single
> person whose impression of me isn't that I'm a "dummy". I learned how to
> "not care" about such. There're real advantages in such... if everyone
> thinks one's a "dummy", one can go where the answers live, unnoticed...
> and that expedites the gathering of Gift's Stuff.
> I just did all of this without any formal decisions... just "naturally"
> adapted in this way. It's only been in the last 15 - 20 years that I've
> understood that I am this way out of necessity.
> And it's probably a big part of why, when I went to folks with the
> understanding that's now NDT, I received all those condescending
> lectures and nothing else happened... they "read the book by its cover",
> and what they saw was, "Dummy".
> It's why I long ago gave my Word of Honor that, after the
> understanding's Communicated to those on whose behalves it was done, I'd
> "go away". I saw this'd be necessary because it was what I'd become,
> under "the pressure of necessity" (after A. Lincoln), that induced folks
> to be only-condescending... they couldn't imagine anything worthy coming
> out of the fellow who stood before them.
> It's been a Sorrow.
> FWIW, the way I'm going at things just magnifies my Sorrow. I've still got
> the burden, but I can no longer do things "in-secret" But, as I've tried to
> explain, I've no longer any "options". I've just got to do it in any way
> that it can be done. ken
> [...]

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