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CLARIFICATION of "nomenclature":

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> CLARIFICATION of "nomenclature":
> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> >
> > I've read "CREB and Memory", A. J. Silve, J. H. Kogan, P. W. Frankland,
> > and S. Kida, Annual Review of Neuroscience, 1998 21:127-48
> > (incompletely... after a point in my reading, it was clear that there
> > was no reason to continue.
> >
> > If one reads this paper, with an eye on ionic conductances,
> When no one responded to the information-content of my "CREB & 'ramps'"
> post, I knew that there had to be a "problem", so I worked to track it
> down. I was going to post this discussion the other night, but, for the
> 2nd "time", I was locked out of bionet.neuroscience.
> I'll see if I can post and read this before continuing. ken collins

The "nomenclature problem" derives in the fact that I was writing the
"ramp" stuff from the perspective ot Tapered Harmony (TH; a theory in
Physics that I developed), but still using "ionic conductances" to
address the dynamics I was discussing. This is the nomencaltrue in TH,
but the only thing that's common between the Classical usage of "ionic
conductances" and TH's usage of the same is the verbal symbol itself.
(Big problem :-)

So I must discuss "ions".

In the Classical view, an "ion" is an "atom" having an imbalance of one
or more "electrons".

In the view of Tapered Harmony, what are referred to as "electrons" have
no Physically-Real Existence. To see this, requires a discussion, from
the perspective of Tapered Harmony, of what have been referred to as
"atoms". In TH, what have been referred to as "atoms" are quantities of
energy that are dynamically "trapped within" harmonic
"compression"-"expansion" harmonics as Spherical Standing Waves (SSW).
An aether-like Universal Energy Supply (UES) does the "trapping"...
What've been referred to as "atoms" are actually SSW<->UES Harmonics.

An "ion" is a temporary version of an "atom", the SSW<->UES harmonics of
which are imbalanced.

When I speak of "ionic conductances", I'm actually addressing the
UES-flow dynamics through which "atoms" ("ions") are sustained.

In the prior msg, I was beginning to discuss how it is that the brain's
information-processing capacities derive in the way that the UES flow
(the flow of energy) is composed of the 3-D gradients within the brain.

I was saying that iterating the paths followed by molecular dynamics,
without preserving reference to these 3-D energy gradients, is
inadequate be-cause the 3-D energy gradients =Determine= the paths
followed by molecular dynamics.

I wasn't really addressing CREB, specifically, I was discussing =all=
molecular dynamics, of which, of course, the CREB molecular dynamics are
a part.

It was only after no one responded re. the prior msg's
information-contnet that I knew there must be a "nomenclature" problem,
and when I looked, there it was... no one could understand because
everyone was viewing "ionic conductances" in the old way that's been
superceded by Tapered Harmony's view.

All the molecular stuff is a way of encoding energy-flow gradients that
allows those energy gradients to be, subsequently, reimposed within the
neural topology.

Everything that the brain does occurs via 3-D energy gradients... the
molecular stuff is "just" a "toolkit" that's invoked to achieve this

I posted the msg so that folks with a "molecular" bent would be able to
See how what they do fits into the whole. K. P. Collins

(c) 26Dec98, K. P. Collins

[P. S. I'll be discussing things, for the forseeable future, in another
online place. I Thank folks here in bionet.neuroscience for their
patience. kpc]

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