SETI Music to ETIs?

Jerry Howe jhowe2 at
Sun Dec 27 14:05:30 EST 1998

Thanks, Ken:
The information you've provided clearly confirms my observations, answers
many of my own questions, and will supply additional fuel for my continuing
projects. Greatly appreciated.

Jerry Howe,
Director of Research,
BIOSOUND Scientific

kkollins at wrote:

> Hi, Ron.
> Stimulated by one of Lewis Thomas's Heartfelt Essays, the Pleasure
> inherent in (=really=) Listening to well-engineered Music was one of the
> first things Reified within NDT.
> Anyone with "normal" hearing can replicate a simple experiment that
> Verifies the general stuff I'll briefly discuss.
> Select =any= music having an agreed-upon intrinsic Beauty... (my
> preference is for female solos, sung from the Heart)... it's best if
> you're a total-stranger to the music, because, if you are, the music
> will tend to not have "biological-mass" (AoK, Ap5) that's been developed
> with specific respect to it... and since that's the thing that's to be
> Observed, the more of it that there's "room" for, the more-possible is
> easy observation.
> After you've selected an album, listen to it once, and note that it will
> leave you a bit "flat" (if it doesn't, put it aside and select
> another... the album you've selected is just "hooking" into similar
> stuff that's long-familiar to you... enjoy the album at other times,
> after the experiment. Of course, select an album that "grates" only if
> you're wanting to do a related, but rather-different, experiment.)
> So, with an album that's received Genuine Praise from others, but which
> has left you "flat", put it aside, and listen to it again in a couple of
> days. Do this repeatedly, all the while, taking notes with respect to
> the Notes (the song highlights) that whispily bid you, "Attend".
> You'll find two main things come to exist in your notes (and the
> Entertainer's Notes).
> 1. Your notes will become increasingly-detailed... you'll find yourself
> being a bit Joyfully "Astonished" as, one after another, Fine-Things
> that, in the first listening, were totally-missed, seem to "Appear out
> of nowhere". In my experience, this Augmenting Understanding can go on
> for weeks, months and years.
> "Augmenting Understanding"?
> Yes.
> Look in your notes. If you've been diligent, what they are is,
> literally, if a bit without the aid of measuring instruments, a Trace of
> the augmenting "biological-mass" that's developed within your brain with
> specific respect to the album's music.
> Think about this a bit. Isn't it Wonderful? You can literally =See=, in
> the increasing detail of your notes, the increasing quantity of
> microscopic trophic modifications ("micromods"; "biological-mass") that
> result from your brain's information-processing dynamics having been
> driven by the music... I =Love= to do such... when music really touches
> me, I even "doodle" the notes (just with little squiggly lines... I've
> never had formal music training... music is my Free "Time")... which
> leads to the next thing...
> 2. Get "loosened"-up enough to allow yourself to use a "smiley-face" as
> an annotation... use it to note when the music gives you Joy... you'll
> find your smiley-faces augment with the augmenting-detail of your notes
> (it seems like "magic"... you're doing more "work", but you're,
> simultaneously, having more "fun" :-)'s not "magic", though...
> it's something far-more Wonderful than mere-"magic"... it's the
> Beautiful Engineering of your brain Giving you a "Hug"... "Embracing"
> you as you work :-)
> Now, put the album away, and prepare your "lab notebook" by doing a
> proper analysis of it's Data... cross-correlate the level of detail with
> your experiencing of pleasure (I've not told you everything you'll
> find).
> =One= of the things you'll Discover is that certain passages in the
> Music will give you augmenting Joy each "time" you Listen to them... pay
> careful attention to that (=really= careful), and you'll note that the
> "duration" of the Joy you experience with respect to these special
> passages expands, and "creeps-forward", literally, in Anticipation of
> the Experience of the special passages.
> And there's the "Pay-Dirt"... Understand it. The "time"-courses of the
> Joy inherent in Listening to these special passages Rigorously-Reflects
> the Augmenting "biological-mass" which forms the Physically-Real
> Substrate for the Augmenting detail inherent in your notes :-)
> Now, get out your copies of AoK, read the discussions of "inverting-"
> and "True-Reward" in Ap5 (basically, the mechanism of "curiosity", but
> everything else, too, and the higher-"level" dynamics of Volition in Ap7
> and Ap8)... =See=, in the Data you've collected, the =Engine= which
> Transforms the first-hearing "flatness" into the many-Listenings
> Exuberance... Understand the creeping Anticipatation... it is simply
> this... each passage has its own "contiguity" that builds, and
> subsides... and in your memory of the whole thing", these "risings" and
> "fallings" are, literally, TD E/I downs and ups, respectively... as TD
> E/I(down) occurs, True Reward is experienced... as TD E/I(up) occurs (as
> this or that "contiguity" within the Music dissipates), inverting Reward
> is experienced... and the "creeping" Joy correlates with the
> Augmentation of your Knowledge of the Song be-cause, as you Learn the
> Song, the "timing" inherent in your neural dynamics becomes ever-more
> precise and ever-more further-reaching... until each "contiguity's"
> dissipation becomes the herald for its subsequent "contiguities'"
> building-up... so the "little-deaths" become the Heralds of Joy.
> =This= is Why Music is Fun... it's our minds at their Best... Set =Free=
> to, Simply, and Eloquently, in the Quietude of their far-deep-within
> Abstract Knowing, to Celebrate the Wonder of the Brain.
> And you know what?
> The Lesson Generalizes Perfectly... to Art, to Science, to
> Mathematics... to the Pondering of Awesome-Truth in which we are all
> Lovingly-Embraced. ken collins
> RonBlue wrote:
> >
> > >But how do you convey the purpose of music???
> > >>>>>>>cut>>>>>
> > The purpose of music is its effect on the human nervous system.
> [...]

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