SETI Music to ETIs?

Eric Adams eric at
Sun Dec 27 08:18:44 EST 1998

In article <75qqta$d8g$1 at>, patanie at my- writes
>   The ultrasonic sound could be doing the
>> same in dogs.  These obsevations may support the speculation that one of the
>> first Extra Terrestrial Intelligent communications we receive may be music.
>> Emotion is the motivation to communicate.
>as to me I think we might ALREADY have received SETI signals but that we are
>unable to interpret them because we are biased to look at everything as
>I do not think that advanced ETIs would use radio-waves for their

Logic prevails! A highly advanced ET civilisation stuck at the level of radio
waves? That's a really pathetic view of reality IMHO.


>  What greater emotion would get a
>> civilization to spend its limited economic and time resources than simple
>> pleasure to share with others.
>Some scientists believe that ETIs are,already,here!( "ufos" ).If this is
>true,then these ETIs have not the slightest interest in "communicating" with
>human beings!!!

'Scuse me, but I'd be really interested in exactly why you think that.

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