Memory Disorder

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Sat Dec 26 20:37:52 EST 1998

You do not list NEUROpsychologists among those you've consulted.

Before you go off the deep end, be sure your "memory disorder" is a
memory disorder; and if it is a memory disorder, what are its
dimensions, exactly.  Not all neuropsychologists are as throrough as
they should be, but Memory can be (and should be) dissected in many
ways: verbal vs. nonverbal (and more than one kind of the latter),
semantic vs. episodic vs. procedural, and within each of these (or at
least within some of them; not meaningful in others) one should look at
encoding or registration vs. retention vs. retrieval.

And of course one needs to know the EXTENT of deficiency within any one
of these dimensions--needless to say, none of us has "perfect" memory;
how FAR do you deviate from the norm for your age/education/sex peers?

If one accepts the assertion that you'e had "the problem" all your
life, many of the possibilities you list can be excluded immediately,
without "blood tests"--i.e. by history and normal diagnostic acumen.

I know some English neuropsychologists who are quite expert in memory
problems (one was my invited speaker at The New York Academy of
Sciences two months ago, but she is back in London now.).  Let me know
whom you've consulted and what their neuropsych qualifications are (in
the event I do not know of them) and whether you are interested in a
systematic evaluation of your "memory problem".  (I put it in quotes
because some other problems may be misinterpreted as memory problems).

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <36855b54.3152169 at> laim at (Liam)

>I'm 34 with a memory disorder but the psychologists, and psychiatrists
>don't know whats causing it.
>I've had an EEG and CT.. both are normal, so I'm hoping its some sort
>of neuro-transmitter imbalance etc, since it doesn't look like a
>structural problem...?
>I've seen somewhere that memory problems can be due to;
>Lack of acetylcholine,serotonin,melatonin,or dopamine
>Addison's disease,Lyme disease,Adrenal
>insuffiency,hypopituifarism?,hypothyroidism,under or over active
>parathyroid,hypoglycaemia,normal pressure hydrocephalus....phew!!
>Someone said a Catecholamine fractional test may be more revealing...
>(whatever that is?)  
>I've has the problem all my life, haven't had a head injury or ever
>taken drugs.
>Would it be useful to have a blood test to see if I have any of the
>above, or as I'm in good health does this preclude them?
>Any ideas etc , would be very welcomed.

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