pdaimind simulation of neurons in mindcore array psi{ }

Mentifex mentifex at scn.org
Mon Dec 28 11:44:16 EST 1998

The "pdaimind" is an attempt to introduce artificial intelligence
(AI) at so simple a level that the resulting cyborg has a minimal
but sufficient complexity, that is, just barely enough in the way
of components of a mind with no extra frills or complications, so
that all interested parties may determine whether or not the mind
in question is indeed a mind, and so that programmers will have a
standard pdaimind which they may port to any programming language.

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/m-forth.html Mind.forth
is the Internet Web Release #17 of the implementation of pdaimind
in the Forth programming language so popular among robot hobbyists.

It may please the Net to know that the mind-grid of Mind.forth is
composed of the mindcore array psi{ }; lexicon uk{ }; and ear{ }.
In its current level of development, Mind.forth simulates neurons
by attaching flags (i.e., synapses) to f(iber) nodes in the mind-
core array psi{ } which holds wordless concepts as rows in psi{ }.
The same mindcore concept "f" may exist at different time points
"t" simply by occupying a time-dependent node in the array psi{ }.
Each such node is a row of flags associatively linking a concept
to its lexical entry in the English language array uk{ } and to a
phonemic word in the auditory memory channel of the array ear{ }:

  /^^^^^^^^^^^\ Mind.grid Arrays{ } in Mind.forth /^^^^^^^^^^^\
 /memory eye{ }\           semantic_________     /   ear{ }    \
|not   /--------|-------\  memory / LANG-UK \   |auditory memory|
|coded |  recog-|nition |         \_________/---|-------------\ |
|   ___|___     |       |  flush-vector|        |    _______  | |
|  /image  \    |     __V___        ___V___     |   /stored \ | |
| / percept \   |    /psi{ }\------/ uk{ } \----|--/ phonemes\| |
| \ engrams /---|---/concepts\----/ lexicon \---|--\ of words/  |
|  \_______/    |   \________/    \_________/   |   \_______/   |

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