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>> [P. S. I'll be discussing things, for the forseeable future, in another
>> online place. I Thank folks here in bionet.neuroscience for their
>> patience. kpc]
>I'm Sorry, but, due to circumstances beyond my control, it seems I'll
>have to stay on, here, a while longer. ken collins

Please define: "a while longer". Are these circumstances you refer too
related to your personality? I mean to say, such is your earnestness to
spread the word then I recommend you jump on a moderated mailing list and so
spread it further. It is quite obvious that you are now wasting your time
here. Certainly not saving anyone. This is the second time you have stated
you will be going away. What's the story?

You have made a common blunder: saying so much as to reveal your own
contradictions. It is now very tiresome. You post volumes of empty words yet
if there is still much to be done you are achieving nothing in that regard
here. At present all you are proving is the value of killfiles.

You stated in one post you refuse to accept any awards, but then berate so
called thieves of your ideas. This is the equivalent of Jesus accusing St.
Paul of plagiarism. Surely if you're concern is for all the children you
would welcome others taking and using your ideas because as you have also
stated there is still much work to be done in AoK. I find this claim of
theft very paradoxical because if you have archived everything accurately
then you should have no problem proving such theft. And that business about
someone hijacking your hard drive ... Give me a break. No, don't worry about
that. I'll be on-line for 2 more days but I bet that upon my return you
still be kicking around, still throwing posts at everything, which,
incidentally, demonstrates your dire need to have a say and reveals your
duplicity. There are plenty of other forums around, nothing is stopping you
except yourself.

I am still amazed at those who use the ng forum as a way of promoting
revolutionary ideas. Please explain the logic of this to me. This is a play
place, some good discussions etc but nothing revolutionary happens on the
ngs. And I mean nothing, I come here to kill time, learn a little, acquire
references, reciprocate in kind, not to think nor to expect that I shall be
enlightened by some unrecognized genius. You stated in one post how even at
school you were so far ahead of your teachers that they found you annoying
because they couldn't understand where you were coming from. This sounds
suspiciously like the claim of Einstein with respect to his school years. Is
this where you got that line from?

Now a truly creative person would recognise the pointlessness of continuing
within any given communication medium and so direct their energies
elsewhere. Or in the very least find another way to present their ideas, but
you persist with this rigid narrative that most find incomprehensible. So
how then can we steal your ideas? I have long since refrained from reading
your posts in their entirety, if at all. You have hijacked this ng,
plastered yourself all over it so that it looks like Kkollins playplace. I
wanna play here too!

If you wish to prove your point it is this easy: Go, in person, to various
professionals or professional bodies, submit your arguments in a means
easily understood. If you are so right then someone or some organisation
shall provide you with the necessary support. Think of it this way: St. Paul
appealed to the Gentiles because he understood their worldly ways, he spoke
in their tongue, used their symbols (eg. "To an unknown god"!), and proved
his worth. If no-one listens to you it's your fault, you have failed to
saved the children because you haven't bothered to make your message clear
enough to your audience. Most believed Einstein because despite the sheer
novelty of what he was saying they could tell he was onto something. He
certainly didn't go through a sustained period of non-acceptance, even
though as Eddington was claimed, "There are two people in the world who
understand relativity and I'm one of them." In point of fact he was so
convinced he even massaged the evidence from the eclipse to provide the
final validation for Einstein's theory, which by that time most were
accepting anyway. What's your excuse?

Good bye,


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