SETI Music to ETIs?

Jerry Howe jhowe2 at
Tue Dec 29 13:39:43 EST 1998

Thanks Ken:
      It has been the policy of BIOSOUND Scientific to not seek endorsement or
rely on the findings of any other researchers.
      Your essay on how the brain actually interacts with music is a work of art.

       Maybe you would like to give some thought and insight as to why the body
responds with dance?

Thanks again for posting it,
Jerry Howe

kkollins at wrote:

> Do not consider what I've posted to be an "endorsement" in any way.
> Clearly, until dogs can take and analyze notes while listening to music,
> what I've posted cannot be construed as applying to anything but Humans.
> If you wish to interpret what I've posted with respect to your work,
> please do so without any illusion of my "endorsing" your product. (And
> don't be "troubled". I don't do any "endorsements".) K. P. Collins
> Jerry Howe wrote:
> >
> > Thanks, Ken:
> > The information you've provided clearly confirms my observations, answers
> > many of my own questions, and will supply additional fuel for my continuing
> > projects. Greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Jerry Howe,
> > Director of Research,
> > BIOSOUND Scientific
> >
> > [...]

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