state-of-the-art neural net in hardware

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Wed Dec 30 06:23:16 EST 1998

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> Say if I have 100MHz Pentium, how many flops it does? (I'm confused about
> the relation between CPU clock and operations it can perform per second, I
> think Pentium processor does about 5 operations per clock's tick, right?)
> How big in number of neurons are best software implementations, currently?
> And how fast they are in terms of flops?

It depends on how many of those dancing guys in the silver hazmat suits you
have over. When "Play That Funky Music" comes on, and the keg is tapped,
they flop all over the place. But then Bill G. shows up and pops in the
Windows '98 demo dance mix and the party just DIES. Then you only get one
flop. But it's a big one.

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