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(To certain folks: Skip.)

Marcello Spinella <marshmallow at> wrote:

>Have you considered neuroleptic medication?  Not for the infant who
>suffered basal ganglia damage, but for yourself.

To alter in his brain stuff in areas of the brain the functions and
interrelations with are not even understood by Westies?
Are you of some Westie branch? 

I tend to admire their scientific displays of deeply logical replies
spilling over with proof that what the other one is saying is wrong,
and full of constructive arguing so devoid of personal gorillaing.

>kkollins at wrote:
>> Pass this along to the Parents...
Kollins, if I pass anything to any parents it tends to be own stuff
or of other where I really like what they are saying.
>> Everything here is contingent upon your providing more info... how was the damage
>> to the basal ganglia diagnosed? Where, specifically, is the damage located? How
>> precisely is the damage located?
Can you make it gone if you knew?
If you can't, is it wise to send artificial scanning ranges as used by
Westies today into damaged systems?

>>and remember to =Smile= Joyfully right into
>> your Infant's eyes each time your Infant shows Progress in Learning new stuff.
I assume you'd just feel joyful and like smiling at each according
time, so that there'd be nothing artificial like generating according
expressions, therefore probably also the "remember to ...".

>> A  =Gentle= "frown" when things "go awry" will help your Infant Understand that things
>> have "gone awry".

Are you not MBD?

Has it ever occurred to you that possibly if something does not work
the way it is supposed to due to braindamages, that there might be
internal systems knowledge informing you that that should work,
without someone frowning on top of the according possibly frustrating 

Ever heard of external and auto - aggressions, frustrations and rage
fits of some with MBD?

A lot of errors do not pass unnoticed.

You also seem to be overlooking with your "the Parents", that some of
those called autists by some will avoid looking into your eyes so that
if following your advice they'd be rather busy trying to chase the
other one into an eye position where there'd be eye-contact, and I
also wonder if you seriously believe that all people would hold eye
contact themselves instead of leaving it to the sequencer.


>> Get some Interesting crib toys, rug toys, etc., and vary them continually so that
>> your Infant will always have =Novel= stuff to Explore. 
How about trying to provide the natural inputs that should be there
instead of loads of unnatural ones?

>> When your Infant wants to sleep, let your Infant sleep (of course, in accord with
>> your Family's regular routine... just like any Infant).

If a child is MBD what makes you assume that there is much likeliness
of the sleep patterns being concruent to those of non-damages brains
.. or how am I to take the "your Family's regular routine (that does
not even mention how close even that is to more average natural
bio-porgram requests) ?

NOT of course with someone else's routine.

OF COURSE preferably always in accord with personal natural requests
as long as there is not some powerful health reason against that, and
that health reason judged from that person's systems and not against
their explicit will.

I heard of MBD children with very very different sleeping and awake

There is something weird already in that you seem to assume in your
words that there is just sleep and awake, just two stages.

I have three main ones I discern between, though I am aware that it
are more as already sleep has very differing sub-stages.

Some of the others from what I heard have more than that.

How such is perceived outwards by non-MBDs might be sleep (or awake)
with some of those, but it is not.

I have the suspicion that there is not even awareness in you that it
might be possible that areas of the brain run segregated for most of
the day and that therefore they might tire different  and that
therefore they might be wanting to go off-line or at least to quite
low energies at differing times. 
What if your THE PARENTS have a child with damaged energy regulation
to do with sleep / awake regulation?

>> Hugs, kisses, 
Ever tried that with some who are called autists?

With me - though usually I prewarn a few times - you are risking
hospital or death if you were to try that.

If the sequencer was interrupted in central control and you were
forcing your signals and loads of others repeatedly into my and other
areas I do not believe that I'd bother long to protect you from the
third emotion generator going into central command in the brain,
and the sequencer executing.

But I guess if there are just THE Parents and THE Children, 
then it does not really matter what the individual likes to some,
and therefore such instructions are written that are to be handed out
to THE Parents.

>> Throughout all of this, be in contact with as many Professionals as you can afford
>> until you're Satisfied that your Infant's behavior is developing "normally".

Is it possible that you are lacking the concept that it might be
developing towards an own norm often nothing to do with yours or very
very far away from yours and that that might stay so?

Has it occurred to you that telepathically sensitive children might
very well get part of your worrying over that there is something in
them that you are not content with and that therefore you are dragging
them to your Professionals?

Not mentioning the real experts, who are difficult to find, as those
would be those who maybe are close enough inside in damages & still
able & "Willing" to communicate about what they are knowing about

>> If the "problem" is as small as you say, there's no "mystery", and not really any
>> "problem"... 
And even it it is not that small, 
many problems are only problems because some people are declaring them
to be that.

And some of those, when they have succeeded to get someone MBD to do
something that is a problem for them when they do it, then they are
proud as if they made some machine do something that they want of it
and do not care if the engine is overheating and taking damages,
and say that they solved the problem.

Some straight calling them "problem children" without mentioning that
if the world was different and just have Homo MBDs like the person
they titled so and none of the Homo Chimps calling themselves Homo
Sapiens, that maybe for them that would not be a problem, as maybe
they would not even go for some stuff at all, as it is unnatural for
them, and maybe choose ways that are more natural for them.

>> Infant brains have =Enormous=
>> Capacity for compensating for small injuries... and even some large injuries.

Inside I have the suspicion that it resembles scars.

If it is a small one it might nearly be gone after weeks or years.
Big ones might be there till death comes and the maggots eat it all

Which might be one of the perspectives 
that some who make a lot a problem 
try to blend out of the own life.

... In myself it feels as if some is there, some is a little or a lot
damaged and just partially there and some is not there.

Soneone into magic said that it can be all fixed but with the latter I
doubted so and still doubt it.

I believe that enough of the base akasha forms must be there.



If you are playing a game where just a few letters are missing it
might be easy to change it to where it is complete, but the less is
there or if something important is not there, then maybe you do not

>> The "secret" is "just" Loving ... which is =the= thing to 
>> do with =all= Infants. ken collins


Ken you seem to mean well in a lot, but if I read about looking into
the eyes of a child, hugging and kissing 
and trying to let someone MBD sleep according to someone else's
rhythms and so on, 
then at least from an MBD autistic point of perception I sometimes
wonder if you are understanding how different some children are.

(... BTW, if some fairy came and said that waving around with her
fairy-tale magic wand for a bit she'd turn my brain to what some
others from their norm might consider normal, 
I might be tempted to wonder if I can make her swallow her wand  
to maybe also help some others off such ideas of trying to alter
different folks to the norm of someone else.)

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