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Wed Dec 30 05:56:29 EST 1998

Then show us AoK. Put it up on a web page or something. You keep referencing
something none of us can confirm. It's like some guessing game. I can
remember one comment when you first showed up here re AoK, ... is this
standard nomenclature ... by Le Fever I believe. How can you expect us to
critique a full theory when you don't bother to offer it fully for our
evaluation? Again, we come back to the question of communication.

Incidentally, I aint no neuroscientist, just a brain damaged limping brain
trying to understand what happens upstairs. And viewing the discipline today
I feel confident in saying that this isn't going to happen in my lifetime,
which hopefully has some time left yet. I have no quals at all, but being a
freak and knowing human nature I know I am not welcome in this world.

What I have is sufficient, I have learned to be content in these
circumstances. Irony is, it was precisely the lack of professionalism by
certain neuro 'expert' surgeons that left me brain damaged, half blind, and
disfigured. To this day I can still see the bewilderment in the surgeon's
eyes as he examined me for the last time at age 12. He knew he stuffed up
and he wasn't happy about it. Truth is, he stuffed up so badly my parents
wouldn't let them continue with anymore surgery. Considering that 2 out of 3
operations were a botch they made the right choice but to this day I have
problems. So if anyone should be totally pissed off with the neuroscience
community it should be me! What the hell are you complaining about Ken!

"I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter."

            T S Eliot, The Wasteland.

Now, instead of posting ad nauseam, provide a full AoK.

Another resident freak at bionet.neuroscience. (Just to keep you bastards

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote in message
<3689B624.C9EDC21B at pop3.concentric.net>...
>Please forgive me if you can, John.
>The question that's in my heart is, since AoK documents the core of my
>work in Neuroscience, why can't I just ask folks to hammer on AoK?
>And when folks see that they can't break AoK's stuff, why can't folks
>just acknowledge the theory's existence, so that it's understanding can
>be passed on to those on whose behalves it was done?
>Then I can go build a model reilroad, or walk in the woods to my heart's
>content, and Live what's left of my Life in Peace.
>Seems simple enough to me. ken collins

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