state-of-the-art neural net in hardware

jjj jaceklk at
Wed Dec 30 04:18:04 EST 1998

Hi All,

I've been wondering recently about the current state of the art in neural
net hardware. For some reason, however, the news about hardware improvements
are not recognized and discussed as news and problems in

The best I found was the work by Irvine Sensors Corporation
( which is planning on building (or already
built?) a 512 layer "brain (... which) is expected to deliver 80 petaflops
at 20W" of power. Wow! Petaflops is 10^15 operations per second!

I could not find any other product as good, are there any in design process?

Say if I have 100MHz Pentium, how many flops it does? (I'm confused about
the relation between CPU clock and operations it can perform per second, I
think Pentium processor does about 5 operations per clock's tick, right?)
How big in number of neurons are best software implementations, currently?
And how fast they are in terms of flops?

Such hardware "exceeds the recognition rate of the human brain", is that
only for vision/auditory systems, can such computer do any higher functions
than those?

How come n.n. hardware does not have as much attention as software?


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