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Wed Dec 30 03:31:58 EST 1998

Next KP Collins message:

' I wont be posting for a while, because the powers that be are out to get
me. Except tomorrow, I will post 20 new messages gibbering for 20 pages
about nothing.'

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> F. Frank LeFever wrote:
> > 
> > In <3685A30C.8E025A57 at pop3.concentric.net> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
> > writes:
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> > - - - - - -(snip) - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> > 
> > >[P. S. I'll be discussing things, for the forseeable future, in
> > another
> > >online place. I Thank folks here in bionet.neuroscience for their
> > >patience. kpc]
> > 
> > There is absoluely no truth in the malicious rumor that anybody in this
> > newsgroup has been goading you into posting enough messages to enable
> > anybody to "track" you and do any harm whatsoever to you or to your
> > computer.
> I never said anything like that. All I said that there've been some
> Jackasses, posting msgs that've smashed the contextual flow of what I've
> been trying to discuss. There have. 
> >  It is perfectly safe for you to =Save= all (and I mean
> > =All=) the =Children= through the medium of this newsgroup. No one is
> > trying to block your disclosure of the =Truth= or to make your
> > disclosure personally dangerous in any way.
> I disagree with you here. It's my alalysis that some folks've been
> trying to, and succeeding, I'm sorry to admit, draw out the worst that's
> in me. And it's old-long-since that my Life's been on the line. It's
> sadly hillarious. If folks'd only have allowed me to publish in the
> normal way, I'd be dead and burried already, and everyone'd be free of
> what I asked of them... they'd have the "Beast", unchallenged, "two".
> There's no other explanation for all the disruptive msgs that my posts
> have collected.
> I don't give a damn. When the dust settles, I just pick up the pieces
> and begin again.
> And I'll tell you, I stand on what I've posted re. the detectable
> "technical anomalies" that I've documented. It's not only happening in
> bionet.neuroscience. Some nights, it happens any place I try to post
> anything. It's bigger than bionet.neuroscience, but I can't say, yet,
> what its wellspring is.
> > The fact that I have been able to post this without hindrance should be
> > proof enough of that.
> You and I were interacting with different copies of bionet.neuroscience
> at one time (during the non-lethal weapons" thread). Such stands
> Verified. Who was "hindered", you or me, or both of us, and everyone
> else who meets here, to boot?
> No one should take any of this "personally". It's old-long-since that
> I've had to work around such stuff. It hurts some, because of the
> Awesome Waste inherent in such. That's all. I just endure it, pick up
> the pieces, and get on with doing what needs to be done. In the end, I
> expect the ones responsible will have, through their own actions,
> identified themselves. ken collins

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