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Tue Dec 29 22:16:29 EST 1998

It's expensive, so don't purchase it without being sure it's suited to
your learning style, but check out _Chemoarchitecture of the Brain_, by
R. Nieuwenhuys, Springer-Verlag, 1985. ISBN: 0-387-15349-7 (or
3-540-15349-7). ken collins

John wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anybody recommend a good introductory text for neurochemistry for a well
> read layman?
> Preferably with an extensive glossary, recent (within 5 years), and covering
> the areas of how various neurotrans interact with each other, the actions of
> various drugs, metabolic pathways, distribution and manufacture of the same
> within the CNS and body.
> Look at this way, upon my return I'll be more well informed and won't ask so
> many stupid questions.
> Thanks,
> John.
> Preparing for hibernation and reading binge.

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