SETI Music to ETIs?

kkollins at kkollins at
Tue Dec 29 22:06:08 EST 1998

Thank you twice. First for not "taking offense", 2nd for your
appreciation of the music-appreciation stuff. It's worked out in huge
detail. It's a fun way to wade through the drudge-work of
cross-correlating the experimental results.

"Dance" is the flip-side. In Aok, see the discussion of the
passive-active phase shift (Ap5)... same stuff, from the perspective of
motor-dominant dynamics. Cheers, Jerry, ken collins

Jerry Howe wrote:
> Thanks Ken:
>       It has been the policy of BIOSOUND Scientific to not seek endorsement or
> rely on the findings of any other researchers.
>       Your essay on how the brain actually interacts with music is a work of art.
>        Maybe you would like to give some thought and insight as to why the body
> responds with dance?
> Thanks again for posting it,
> Sincerely,
> Jerry Howe

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