Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at scully.tamu.edu
Wed Dec 30 00:39:15 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
: Please forgive me if you can, John.
: The question that's in my heart is, since AoK documents the core of my
: work in Neuroscience, why can't I just ask folks to hammer on AoK?
: And when folks see that they can't break AoK's stuff, why can't folks
: just acknowledge the theory's existence, so that it's understanding can
You mispelled halucination.

: be passed on to those on whose behalves it was done?
: Then I can go build a model reilroad, or walk in the woods to my heart's
: content, and Live what's left of my Life in Peace.
: Seems simple enough to me. ken collins

It is up to you to show that it is anything more than a halucination.
In my opinion, it doesn't even qualify as a conjecture.  For that,
you'd have to explain it in such a way that anyone with sufficient
knowledge about the subject matter would be able to see what you
are getting at.

However, I do wish you'd go build a model railroad or walk in the
woods and leave us alone.

Eric Johnson

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