Facial Nerve Damage

tamuller91 at hotmail.com tamuller91 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:30:14 EST 1998

I saw a neurologist about some numbness in the tip of my nose and upper lip
after being rear-ended in a car accident about a month ago.  He seemed
unconcerned and was satisfied with waiting another month to see if it got
better or worse (it hasn't changed since the accident), but I'm not!!  He
seemed to doubt whether or not it was a results of the accident (no, I didn't
hit my face on anything, I just got a good slam into the headrest at a torqued
angle.  My car was totalled).   I was slowing to a stop, leaning forward and
looking right when I was hit from behind.  I think I should insist on an MRI.
Anyone else have any other suggestions?  And... what exactly does an MRI do to
you, anyway?

Thanks for your help.  (I'm very scared about this!).

T.A. Muller

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