Werdnig-Hoffman Syndrome, SMA type1

Rigo "Pancho" Cortes rigo at interaccess.com
Thu Dec 31 08:41:58 EST 1998

My beautiful, blue-eyed, 5 1/2 month old son was diagnosed with
werdnig-hoffman syndrome or SMA type 1. This news has devastated my family.
This genetic syndrome renders him unable to ever walk or hold his head up
and most infants with this ailment die before age 2 due to respiratory
complications. His nervous system never formed completely in the womb and
any other children my wife and I conceive have a 25% chance of suffering
this ailment. Fortunately it does not affect the brain and he has a chance
to contribute to this world and enrich other peoples lives as much as he has
enriched his family. When I look at those blues with a gentle soul and heart
I can only hope he'll have a chance to touch other peoples lives as much as
he touched his parents. We're going for a 2nd opinion at Children's Memorial
Hospital in Chicago on Jan. 19th.
Does anyone know of any advanced research that's being done in this field?

Rigo & Terry Cortes
Parents of
Roberto Antonio Cortes

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