On the line or over the line?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 30 16:30:08 EST 1998

flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:

>Of the 12 headings my browser pulled up this evening, 9 were by
>kkollins--including this one the fifth in an un-interrupted string.  I
>realize the fellow is having a hard time maintaining his self-image,
I am not sure that he is after that so much  like some other creeps.
>but must he do it in a public space, crowding out other members of the
Heehee, he still did not get the trick of not down-loading stuff... 
Nor the capacities of the system, as if that would not leave enough
space, lol.  (Here there is a saying that with some the Groschen is
just dropping in Lire.)

>Would this document sufficient abuse (given that this is
>NOT an unreprsentative sample of his behavior) for his internet service
>provider to take action? 

At censoring again?

Actually when not at Capitalized Babbling at times what he writes is
more correct than that of some others.

And I still recall you going off about slings and arrows 
and babbling off personal attacks about a real short reply that he had
that by others was confirmed as correct.

>Do others in the newsgroup see a problem here? 
Yes, your censoring attempts and that you are very often taking out
personal moods in low style on people who did not di the same to you

And that even when proven wrong 
so that to me it seems obvious that it was nothing but a personal
attack to take moods out,
you are disgraceful enough 
to not apologize about it to the person.

Not that I mind orc behaviour of some, just then I'd not orc that
other orcs should not be allowed to go for their stuff.

Given the choice I rather have babbling about The Children than
someone taking his bad moods out on people who did not do so to him.

> Do others see a solution?

Yes. Work on your psyche till the programs of your third emotion
generator are having less powers in your cholinergic limbic systems.

(Maybe get someone to explain to you about filtering or not
downloading mails.)

And learn that freedom of opinion 
where it was censored in systems 
is by many considered rather primitive
and wrong.

>>I flew halfway across This Nation to let a voice-filled-with-Genius
>>course through me...
>>...and, in the Truth that was-there, =Met-my-Never-Again-"Avoidable"
>>I Guard Free Will.         

Behind the last statement was his name,
and in that I believe you can learn,

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