Brain Use/40 hertz

DK cooper17.spamless at
Thu Dec 31 11:26:08 EST 1998

"RonBlue" wrote in message
>Jack Sarfatti has calculated that only about 1% of the brain
>neurons are used to have a single conscious thought...
>While Jack is saying that only 1% is being used for a single
>thought, which 1% is important.   What I am trying to say is
>that the brain uses 100% of its neurons all the time.  What is
>not necessarily apparent is that non-firing neurons are a
>source of information which means they are being used.

I hope I know what I'm talking about. What I read is that it isn't any
*particular* 1% (or 10% or whatever theory you're looking at) which is
important; it's just that *at any given moment* studies seem to indicate
that only this percentage is actually working. The working/not working-ness,
if you will,  travels over the brain so that all or nearly all parts are
used within a given time frame, probably a few milliseconds.

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