Night pain

DK cooper17.spamless at
Thu Dec 31 11:21:16 EST 1998

A friend of mine went to the hospital last night with what his girlfriend
describes as "the worst headache I've even imagined". He (the friend with
the headache) is a practicing physical psychologist, and both he and the
neurologists at the hospital thought it was probably an aneurysm. However,
nothing turned up on the tests, including a lumbar puncture performed 12
hours after the (very sudden) onset of the headache. He has been sent home
with an open diagnosis; he still has a migraine-level headache but everyone
feels he will be OK. I don't doubt this--I'm just wondering if anyone can
provide me with a general overview of what sorts of things it might be. The
doctors feel it may have been a "very small" aneurysm; would this still
leave the lumbar tap clear? Is this just far too little information to go
on, so that it could really be anything?

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