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The standard initial treatment would be either plasmapheresis (plasma
exchange) or infusion with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

Have Nicola's doctors tried these?

Andy Leitch
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Claudio Orlandi wrote in message <34ED476A.4DFB at>...
>Nicola, 28 years old, is affected by Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating
>Polyneuropathy (CIDP) from 1994.
>Nicola is now treated with cortisone but the effect is not satisfactory.
>A previous treatement with immunosoppressive therapy (ciclophosphamide)
>has been stopped because Nicola could not bear it.
>Is anyone awere of other possible treatments?
>Is there any possibility of a solution? If yes, where?
>Anyone able to give any information, please send it only by E-mail to:
>                         orlandi at
>Thank you
>              Claudio Orlandi

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