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Contents of the Latest Issue Jan 2, 1998:

1. A Nobel Laureate Comes Out Against Block Research Grants
2. On the Continuing Disintegration of Russian Science
3. The Beginnings of the Battle Over Breast Cancer Genes
4. X-ray Emissions and Outbursts from Massive Star Eta Carinae
5. Predicting the Course and Consequences of El Nino
6. Experimental Approaches to the Analysis of Earth's Core
7. Isotope Effects: 50th Anniversary of a Classic Paper
8. Experimental Quantum Teleportation
9. Origin of Life: The Present Status of Chemical Theory
10. Virtual Symbiosis in Higher-Order Peptide Self-Replication
11. Enzyme Optimization by Test-Tube Evolution
12. Synthesis of Peptides Without Formation of Peptide Bonds
13. Mechanism of RNA Polymerase Nucleosome Transcription
14. Crystal Structure of a G Protein Complex
15. Details of Dynein Motor Domain Mechanisms
16. Complete Genome Sequence of Lyme Disease Pathogen
17. Regeneration of Motor Neurons: Identification of a Mitogen
18. Synchronization and Rate Modulation in Motor Cortex Neurons
19. Inhibition of Kaposi's Sarcoma by Ribonuclease
20. Cumulative Medical Impact of Sustained Economic Hardship
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