ANNOUNCE: VIP/PACAP mailing list

Tony Harmar Tony.Harmar at
Mon Jan 5 05:04:36 EST 1998

I have created a mailing list for the discussion of research on the
regulatory peptides VIP (vasoactive intestinal peptide) and PACAP
(pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide). It is my hope that
this list can provide a forum through which scientists interested in VIP
and PACAP can exchange information, and discuss topics of general interest.
Ultimately, it is hoped that frequently asked questions on this list (e.g.
sources of probes and antisera, nomenclature of receptors, laboratories
working in the field) together with a searchable archive of postings to the
list, will be available on a web page maintained by list members.

Postings to the list are informal, and decisions and recommendations
formulated there do not constitute any official standards. Neither the
administrator of the list nor his employer accept any responsibility for
the content of the postings.

Please spread this announcement as widely as possible amongst your
colleagues. In the early stages, I plan to contact as many people as
possible who are involved in this small but important area of research, so
to save effort, it would be helpful if you could let me know the names of
anyone that you have informed

To subscribe to this list:  Send email to majordomo at
     with "subscribe vippacap" in the first line of the text of the message

To unsubscribe to this list: Send email to majordomo at
     with "unsubscribe vippacap" in the first line of the text of the message

Should this fail, if you otherwise need human assistance, or if you wish to
comment to the list owner, send a message to:

owner-vippacap at

To send mail to the list:  Send the mail to "vippacap at"

Further details of the list will be sent to you when you subscribe. The
list will become what its users make it: please participate, and please
send me your reactions and suggestions for improvement. And be patient: it
may take a few weeks for things to gain momentum.

Tony Harmar                    Tony.Harmar at
MRC Brain Metabolism Unit
Royal Edinburgh Hospital
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Edinburgh EH10 5HF, Scotland   FAX +44 131 537 6110

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