Can I learn Digital?

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Wed Jan 7 11:35:51 EST 1998

> Sure you could. In fact, Morse code is exactly what you describe; a binary 
> code for characters. I seem to recall that most people can only keep 
> something like 7 sequential numbers (or bits), in short-term memory, so I 
> guess, in terms of performance, you'd be on a par with something like a 6502 
> or Z80 processor.

Ya, seven is the average, but you could train to use those seven slots
more effectively over time, i.e. "chunking" like three 0's, one 1, two
0's, five 1's, one 0, four 1's, two 0's.  And I'm sure the human brain
could even figure out some more efficient chunking methods. Ever hear
about the long distance runner who could memorize like 80+ numbers or
something by using significant lap times or marathon times to augment his
memory?  Took a while, but he did it.

Just my two cents.... ttyl 

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