Can I learn Digital?

Gerald Pollack gpollack at
Wed Jan 7 09:12:57 EST 1998

In article <68v59a$rjt$1 at>, sblack at says...
>I was wondering if anyone here knows of any research into the speed at which
>humans could process a digital signal that was interfaced to nerve cells via
>touch. If I had a device that touched my skin and gave a digital signal (via
>pressure for example), could I 'learn' binary code? Could I learn to 'run'
>this signal through an internally learnt program and translate, say, a
>digital ASCII signal into language in my brain?
>Juz wondering.

Sure you could. In fact, Morse code is exactly what you describe; a binary 
code for characters. I seem to recall that most people can only keep 
something like 7 sequential numbers (or bits), in short-term memory, so I 
guess, in terms of performance, you'd be on a par with something like a 6502 
or Z80 processor.

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