Can I learn Digital?

Ron Blue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Wed Jan 7 02:06:28 EST 1998

I would say yes if the digital is associated with another sense like
vision and the association was alway consistent.   Then by slowly fading
away the visions the digital information would begin to dominate perception.
Something like this actually happened.  In Oliver Sacks book "Anthropologist
from Mars" a young boy slowly lost his vision due to cataracts.  His sense
of touch
became his way of knowing the world.  After a operation his vision was
The confusion from vision ultimately forced him to learn to ignore his
and return to his preferred method of knowing the universe - touch.
Ron Blue
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Date: Wednesday, January 07, 1998 1:02 AM
Subject: Can I learn Digital?

>I was wondering if anyone here knows of any research into the speed at
>humans could process a digital signal that was interfaced to nerve cells
>touch. If I had a device that touched my skin and gave a digital signal
>pressure for example), could I 'learn' binary code? Could I learn to 'run'
>this signal through an internally learnt program and translate, say, a
>digital ASCII signal into language in my brain?
>Juz wondering.

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