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Contents of the Latest Issue Jan 9, 1998:

1. Obesity and Mortality: Spinning Science News
2. Cancer: Questions Concerning Research Non-Treatment in India
3. Another Scientific Fraud Scandal in Germany
4. Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology
5. Gamma Ray Bursts and Possible Terrestrial Disaster
6. Semiconductor-Polymer Interface Tunable Diode
7. Localization of Light in a Disordered Medium
8. Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in Crystallite Quantum Dots
9. A Method for Patterning of Orientated Mesoscopic Domains
10. Analysis of Monolayer Film Catalysis
11. Synthesis of Multidimensional Large-Cage Zeolite Structures
12. Selection of Broad-Scope Enzymes by Antibody Catalysis
13. Analysis of Intracellular Signaling Mechanisms
14. Abscisic Acid Signaling in Plants
15. Evidence for Cyclic AMP Signaling in Higher Plants
16. Transgenic Sheep Expressing Human Clotting Factor Protein
17. More Evidence that Prion Protein Binds Copper In Vivo
18. Involvement of Immune System B-Cells in a Prion Disease
19. Regeneration of Axons in Central Nervous System White Matter
20. Animal Models of HIV-1 Disease
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