Memetic Campaign to Jumpstart AI

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Sun Jan 11 13:35:26 EST 1998

Getting                 Mentifex AI
                         Mindmaker AI
       Artificial minds for uncontrollable mobile robots


Follow archival links to a proposed [1] Unified Theory of Cognition.
[2] Unconditional jump to the interactive Theory of Mind Tutorial.
You are witnessing an aggressive memetic campaign to jumpstart AI.
The AI Web Matrix is the noosphere of content-sites with AI links:

The Canon of Immortal Web Sites

[3] Artificial Intelligence An Introduction to the Science of AI ***
[4] Association for Computational Linguistics ACL ***
[5] Association for Computing Machinery ACM SIGART ***
[6] Babian, Andrew *
[7] Barger, Jorn Outsider's Guide to AI ***

--------------------- new ideas on Sun.11.jan.1998 --------------

[ ] Each of the above first four lines should contain a link.
[ ] The fourth line "The AI Web Matrix..." should jump to the
    "Index" at the bottom of the Web page, for several reasons:
          - all four initial lines should have a link;
          - it shall become clear that the Index is the Matrix
            and that the Canon is just a line-by-line list
            of Matrix sites favored with an asterisk rating.
[ ] The third line should perhaps highlight and link to a
    section carved out as the "Memetic Campaign," telling the
    world just exactly what mentifex at is up to here.
[ ] See also the "Major Changes" doc of MON.10.NOV.1997.
[ ] SUN.23NOV1997:  "Ideas for Sections of Mentifex AI."
[ ] ~MON.24.NOV.1997:  "Other Potential Categories"
   The "Memetic Campaign" could easily and rationally go
in between the end of the diagram Tutorial and the start of
the Matrix/Index list of Web sites.
   The "Memetic Campaign" could have some introductory text
and then a check-off list of (shudder!) Mentifex initiatives:
          [ ] Identify Mentifex-compliant Computer Sci Depts.
          [ ] Identify bureau speakers who can discuss M-AI.
          [ ] Fund incentive awards for young AI researchers.
          [ ] Mail out Certificates "suitable for framing."
          [ ] Encourage AI guestbook communication.
          [ ] Ask people to use Mentifex intellectual property
              in extremely generic situations, such as samples
              of artwork, coffee cup designs, etc.
          [ ] Warn AI college applicants to inquire about syllabus.
          [ ] Find enlightened author of major AI textbook, then:
          [ ] Publicize AI textbook with Mentifex content.
11jan1998 [x] Update the Web site.

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