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> Subject: Neuronal Development
> >There is a comment in the Brooks and Fahey text
> >(Exercise Physiology. Human Bioenergetics and
> >Metabolism, 1985) that motor nerve myelination is not
> >complete until sexual maturity (see page 673).
> >Unfortunately, this statement is not referenced. I've
> >found a couple of papers in Medline that looked at
> >conduction velocity and F wave differences but nothing
> >direct. I'm hoping that someone out there can point me
> >to a primary reference of two in this regard.
> >

The text I'm assigning for my course in child psychology (D. Shaffer, 
Developmental Psychology) states that myelinization isn't complete until 
"mid to late teens or early adulthood (p. 171, 4th ed.). He also notes 
that the reticular formation isn't fully myelinated at puberty. His 
reference is J. Tanner (1990), _Fetus into man: Physical growth from 
conception to maturity_, Harvard University Press, which might be a good 
general source for this kind of information.


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