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Contents of the Latest Issue Jan 16, 1998:

1. An Assessment of the Human Genome Project
2. On Analogies Between Condensed Matter and Particle Theories
3. Fractals and the Geometry of Nature
4. On Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
5. Galactic Black Holes: Radiation and Plasma Consumption
6. Analysis of a Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Disk
7. A Supernova Explosion at Half the Age of the Universe
8. A Model for the Migration of Massive Planets
9. Earthquakes and Friction Laws
10. Plate Tectonics: Coupling of Motion and Deformation
11. On Ultrahigh-Intensity Lasers
12. On the Physics of Noncoalescing Liquids
13. A Discovery of a Tooth Implant in An Ancient Roman Skull
14. More Evidence for DNA Damage via Long-Range Charge Transfer
15. Questions Concerning the Pathogen in Prion Diseases
16. Ultraviolet Cell Death Blocked by a Skin Virus
17. Chemotaxis of Neurons: Variable Response May Assist Targeting
18. Herpesvirus as a Viral Oncogene and Angiogenesis Activator
19. On the Clinical Aspects of Genetic Polymorphisms
20. Genomic Information and Drug Discovery
Book Notes
Notices - Positions Available
Notices - Miscellaneous

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