New Explanation of Tourette's Syndrome

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Thu Jan 15 19:10:11 EST 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998 11:08:53 -0600, James Howard
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:>I have developed an explanation of epilepsy
:>that suggests that epileptic seizures occur to increase DHEA.  Now,
:>the case of haloperidol, only certain parts of the brain may be
:>affected, and the tics may represent small seizures, the purpose of
:>which is to stimulate DHEA.  It is known that tics are sometimes
:>misdiagnosed as seizure activity.  (You may read my theory of
:>at  (My work also suggests that
:>addiction of smoking is due to the DHEA stimulated by nicotine, in
:>individuals who can continue to produce DHEA with nicotine.)
James , 
Are you a Dr ? ,Neurologist ? or Scientist ? what ? 
I ask because I find this a bit hard to swallow .
If the patches did help wouldn't smoking it's self help ,They both
contain the same ingredients only smoking is pure where the patches
are synthetic . 
Also regarding the TS ,I have learned that it is in fact Not
hereditary . This was said on American Television though I myself did
not see it . 
Regards ,
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