Probe for Grass P16

Pierre-Herve Luppi luppi at
Sun Jan 18 12:05:24 EST 1998

In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.980118103821.18848E-100000 at Hera>,
sblack at UBISHOPS.CA (Stephen Black) wrote:

>Well, I care a lot less about getting a message in MIME, which is clearly
>unintentional, than about getting such an unpleasant and intolerant
>comment on it. Let's keep a minimum level of civility and politeness in
>our messages, ok? I apologize to luppi at Sommeil on behalf of all of us on 
>this list for the bad manners of Terry Smith.

Thanks a lot for your kind support. I indeed apparently did not configure my
new mailer Outlook Express 4 for Mac the right way. I am a subscriber of
bionet.neuroscience and receives the mail in my mailbox. I composed the
message as usual using the adress of the mailing list. Apparently, I had to
uncheck the format HTML (rich text) in the format menu but I was not aware
this was necessary. I have been also surprised by the rude answer I

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