post-trauma neuromas

Matthew H. Burch apoc at
Mon Jan 19 01:31:02 EST 1998

  I have a question, but first some background information that may or may
not be relevant.

  In September 1996, I suffered the following injuries simultaneously:

1) Amputation of index finger at second joint
2) Severed both flexor tendons of middle finger at finger/palm junction
3) Partially severed extensor tendon of middle finger at second joint

  I required three surgeries :

1) Initial cleaning/closure of wound (no qualified hand surgeon present at
the time)
2) Subsequent repair of injuries by a qualified hand surgeon (five days
3) Flexor tendons (both) Tinolyasis (sp?) after initial recovery plateau (@
7 months from injury)
    (My recovery was fast at first, then slowed, then sped up again, then
stopped, confused everyone)
    (Extensor tendon was mobile soon enough to break internal scarring)

  The injuries were caused by blunt shearing trauma.
  I have very little sensation loss, what little sensation I have lost is at
the original trauma sites.

  My question is :

  Statistically, what are my chances (if any) of developing post-traumatic

  I was told that this is a possibility by a friend of the family.  I would
like to locate some studies on this matter.  Preferrably this information
would be available on the web, but a reference available in a medical
library would be acceptable if the data is not on the net.

  I have to go to a Workman's Compensation hearing sometime in the next 2-3
months, and would like to have some concrete information on this topic
before I go.

Thank You for your time,
Matthew H. Burch
apoc at

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