Is math a science? NOT!

NF Stevens norman at
Sat Jan 17 14:13:41 EST 1998

"Peter" <pjhawke at> wrote:

>The scientific methodology is the same for mathematics and science alike.
>i.) make an observation of some phenomenon,
>whether that be a apple falling, or association
>of numbers in a series.
>ii.) make a proposition about the observations,
>Newton theory of gravity, Fermat Last Theorem.
>iii.) try to disprove, extend, apply the theory,
>iv.) goto i.), ii.),iii).

The difference is in the possibility of proof. Mathematical
propositions are capable of proof and to be accepted must
be proven. Scientific propositions are not, they may be
falsified (as can mathematical propositions) by the
production of a counter example. However they cannot in
any way be proven to be true.


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