Probe for Grass P16

Terry Smith terrys at
Tue Jan 20 23:25:53 EST 1998

 > From: Eugene Leitl <eugene at>
 l> Date: 19 Jan 1998 15:44:39 -0000

 l> On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Pierre-Herve Luppi wrote:

> In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.980118103821.18848E-100000 at Hera>,
> sblack at UBISHOPS.CA (Stephen Black) wrote:
> >Well, I care a lot less about getting a message in MIME, which is
> >unintentional, than about getting such an unpleasant and intolerant

 > Yes, it is unintentional, but it also contributes to non-ASCI noise

This portion of 

@Message-Id: <199801162340.SAA16834 at>:

> THIS MESSAGE IS IN MIME FORMAT. Since your mail reader does not
this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.

was not added by my reader or gateway, and is an addition I have never
seen on any `MIME' or compuserve posting before. I am prepared to give the
poster the benefit of the doubt as to whether they added it, but make no
apologies for succintly demonstrating its acceptability.

I will apologies for *this* message, however I consider this indicator of
assumed [by me] bloody-mindedness needed pointing out.

This is proably all better in e-mail, but at least I'm not trying to sell
the idea, but give it away;-)

Two free credit cards and no `Social Security' Number = Bliss, `Dear

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