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Christine McGregor af826 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Jan 21 12:58:19 EST 1998

Sophie Duport (duport at writes:
> hello,
> i'm working on hippocampal organotypic cultures and i-m trying to stain
> neurones with the golgi silver method... in vain!!!!!!
> has anybody followed this method successfully?
> Is there any other impregnation method available to labelled neurones?
> has anybody faced the same problem as me and overcome it?
> Thank you for all answers and/or advices and suggestions.
> s. Duport
> DPT of Pharmacology 
> Geneva
Can you specify which version of the Golgi method you use, and what
exactly are your results/problems. Also, are your cultures grown on
membranes, and if so, are they present throughout the staining procedure?
	As regards other methods, do you require the complete neuron
with processes, as in Golgi, or would just cell bodies do?
Christine McGregor
Mountain, Ontario
af826 at

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