sex-specific labelling of cells?

Nicholas J. Gibson njgibson at
Wed Jan 21 14:19:23 EST 1998

    I am attempting to help with an experiment in which a cell cluster
destined to become an antenna is transplanted onto a recipient prior to
pupation in the moth Manduca sexta.  We would like to differentiate
between donor and host cells, especially glia, in the pupa and adult
following this transplant.  Because these experiments generally use
opposite sexes for donor and recipient, I am hoping to use a marker
which would bind only to male or female cells, but not both.  Can anyone
suggest a marker which would be expressed by all cells (or at least all
glia) of one sex but not the other?  The marker need not be
cell-surface; a nuclear or cytoplasmic marker would be fine.
Nick Gibson

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