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>>>Synaptic strength is definitely a
>measure of the strength of a temporal association between a condition
>and an effect.<<
>I am curious what work you would cite to support this.  On the cellular
>side of things, postsynaptic activity definitely matters at some, but not
>all synapses. There is no single rule that applies to all forms of
>plasticity - long-term changes need not follow a Hebbian rule (review the
>hippocampus data - compare CA1 w/ CA3 - this is where much of the seminal
>work on these phenomena have been done). Besides this, I am unclear what
>you are referring to as a "condition" and an "effect". Can you provide a
>simple example?

  Both conditions and effects are events.  One precede the other.  For
more information, I'll refer you to my web site where I explain my
associative network theory which is based on causal/temporal
induction.  Also take a look at some of the links I provide.


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