Time Machines You Can Build!!!

user at msn.com user at msn.com
Thu Jan 22 15:23:31 EST 1998

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ACTUALLY travel through

Imagine hearing the roar of the crowd as you watch gladiators fight to the
death in Ancient Rome! Or the smell of the market in ancient Egypt as fresh
bread is being baked in the sun!

What about the future?
                -Zipping from planet to planet in your personal sol-runner?
                -Rich beyond your wildest dreams!! (After all you'll know
all the lottery numbers for the next hundred years!)

In this Special Report you'll read all about the never before seen FACTS on
how to build your own time machine!!!

Learn all about:
        -How the space-time metric is a mechanical phenomena!
        -How you can adapt off the shelf parts in order to quickly and
easily localize gravitational potential and punch a hole through time!!

Just send US$70.00 to

GL Industries
P.O. Box  772 Dept 51
Colorado Springs CO 80901

and ask for the Special Report!

If you act before Febuary 5 you'll receive a FREE Bonus Report about the
study conducted by the United States government showing the feasibility of
Electro-gravitic propulsion systems! SO DON'T WAIT! Time is not YET on your.

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