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David at (David Longley) wrote:

>[snip pompous putdown]
>However, what's written at the Savain web 
>site  is really just a pastiche of ideas with a lot of  grandiose 
>leaps  and  promises  which are symptomatic of a  basic  lack  of 
>understanding and would be reprimanded if submitted as a piece of 
>undergraduate work. To redress these deficits Savain will need to 
>invest  more time and effort in finding out what the research  is 
>really all about.
>What's  written  at the Savain web site is a  pastiche  of  ideas 
>drawn  from  interesting  discussions elsewhere. It  is  full  of 
>grandiose  leaps  and promises which are symptomatic of  a  basic 
>lack of understanding. 

  Unfortunately for you Longley, nothing can redress your lack of
honesty and your mean spirit.  It's there for everyone to see.  What
you are claiming in your usual pompous manner, is that there is
nothing new in my article and that it has all been done before.  IOW,
you are telling us that you've heard it mentioned before that
temporal/causal order is fundamental to all cognitive phenomena
including visual and auditory processes.  Since you say that what I
have written "is a  pastiche of ideas drawn from interesting
discussions elsewhere", you are in effect claiming that you already
knew of the neuron model that I unveiled at my site and that I am
fraudulently using the existing work of others and falsely claiming it
to be mine.  These are slanderous accusations, Mr. Longley, with
probable legal consequences.

>Tagging  on  a few references which others such as  myself  haved 
>mentioned is not going to fool anyone.

  There you go again with your pompous lies.  The main reference that
I use to support my article is a study by Henry Markram et al in
Science Magazine.  You wrote me an email after I mentioned it on last year asking me for a copy.

Louis Savain


Louis Savain

President, Marengo Media, Inc.

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