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Thu Jan 22 01:25:51 EST 1998

In article <34C6A273.78C7 at>, Stephen Harris
<mulcyber at> wrote:

>I must admit I have bookmarked your homepage and check daily
>to see if the demo is ready.

  Why must you admit this?

> At one time I thought the name
>Savants would be good to apply to intelligent computers. But
>now considering the nobility of the aspirations of human
>intelligence that you embody---I am now thinking of Savaints.

  I'm not sure what to make of the above.  Is it praise or is it
derision?  It does not matter.

>I must admit that I have lingering misgivings due to the
>length of time it took Hofstadter to evolve his emergent system
>from Copycat to Metacat but hope beats eternal in the iron heart.
>Where No Man Hath Gone Before,

  You have a healthy criticism, nothing's wrong with that.  What
Hofstadter seems to have failed to realize is that even analogies
emerge.  However exciting Copycat and Metacat may be, unless
Hofstadter goes down to the level of single neurons and temporal
correlations, I'm afraid he won't make much progress beyond what he
has already accomplished.  His fascination with analogies is his
undoing.  There's something more fundamental from which analogies
emerge.  Just one man's opinion.


Louis Savain

President, Marengo Media, Inc.

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