Hypersensitive nervous system?

Stephen Black sblack at UBISHOPS.CA
Fri Jan 23 10:22:47 EST 1998

Subject: Re: Hypersensitive nervous system?

On 23 Jan 1998, MarcH96283 wrote:

> Hi.  I just got back from my internist, whose diagnosis of me was that I have
> an hypersensitive nervous system.  My syptoms (present for my whole life)
> include hands and feet that get cold (ice cold) very easily.  Also, I have
> partial impotence (my whole life) and my penis gets cold as easy as my hands
> and feet.  I have never heard of this hypersensitive nervous system condition. 
> It seems to make some sense but I have my doubts.  Has anyone heard of this?
> Note: please respond by posting in the newsgroup as I've disconnected my e-mail
> due to excessive junk mail.

I've never heard of a "hypersensitive nervous system" and it sounds rather
ad hoc to me. On the other hand, the cold hands and feet, at least,
suggest Reynaud's disease. As my ignorance of newsgroups is total, perhaps
someone could pass this along to MarcH's newsgroup if they think this
comnent has merit. 

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