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Contents of the Latest Issue Jan 23, 1998:

1. A Problematic Double Standard in Bioethics
2. AIDS Research in Poor Countries: Bioethics Revisited
3. Another View of the Swiss Gene Technology Referendum
4. Biology Funding vs. Physics Funding: Unease Expressed
5. US Space Agency to Organize an Astrobiology Institute
6. Further Evidence for a Planet Orbiting Star 51 Pegasi
7. On the Evolution of String Theory to Membrane Theory
8. Theoretical Implications of Neutrino Deficits
9. Surface Self-Trapping of Electrons
10. Kondo Effect in a Single Electron Transistor
11. Unimolecular Reactions Activated by Black-Body Radiation
12. A New Method for Synthesis of Nanowires
13. Control of Polymer Shape in Synthetic Self-Assembly Systems
14. On the Origins of Birds and Bird-Flight
15. Therapod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Feathers
16. A Caspase Involvement in Oogenesis Apoptosis
17. Analysis of Decoding of Intracellular Calcium Oscillations
18. On the Specificity of Individual Olfactory Receptors
19. Evidence for Protein Assembly Errors in Alzheimer's Disease
20. Long Term Effects of Physiological Response to Stress
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