Hypersensitive nervous system?

MarcH96283 march96283 at aol.com
Sat Jan 24 14:19:30 EST 1998

>I've never heard of a 
>"hypersensitive nervous system" and it sounds rather
>ad hoc to me. On the other hand, the cold hands and feet, at least,
>suggest Reynaud's disease. As my ignorance of newsgroups is total, perhaps
>someone could pass this along to MarcH's newsgroup if they think this
>comnent has merit. 

But what is Reynaud's disease other than a hypersensitive nervouse system at
work?  As my understanding, reynauds occurs when the blood vessels
involuntarily contract in the hands and feet in response to cold.  Well, what
if the cause of Reynauds really sin't that mysterious, but instead a function
of a nervous system that "overreacts" to the environment.  Surely there are a
lot of people out there whose hands have gotten cold when they are nervous or
stressed out.  I'd assume this has to do with the same phenomenom.  I'm not a
doctor, but it seems to me that this is the most logical cause  of these types
of reactions to cold and stress in an otherwise healthy individual (no heart
problems, no blockages or physical impediments to blood flowing to the
extremities, normal blood pressure, not living in an extremely cold
environment, etc.)

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