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Workshop "Computer-Aided Collection and Analysis of Observational

April 2, 1998
Atlanta, USA 

You are invited to attend a half-day technical workshop in
computer-aided collection and analysis of observational data, using
The Observer. This event immediately precedes the International
Conference on Infant Studies in Atlanta. Anybody with a serious
interest in the use of computers for collection and analysis of
behavioral data in general, and The Observer in particular, is
welcome to attend. If you wish to attend this workshop, call
1-800-355-9541 for a registration form or send an e-mail to
icis at DonAEt wait too long, because the deadline for
registration is February 28.


After an introduction to systematic observation and The Observer,
the course focuses on practical "hands-on" training. Participants
will learn to design, test and practice their own (ideal) coding
system and perform basic data analysis. Relevant sample applications
will be provided. Personal computers will be present to be used by
one or two persons each. Two teachers will provide personal
assistance. The following topics will be covered:

Sampling methods
- Classifying behavioral elements 
- Timing of events 
- Structure of behavioral records 
- Using modifiers to fine-tune behavioral records 

Coding videotapes
- Optimizing the data-entry process
- Manipulating your data
- Exploratory analysis and graphics
- Descriptive statistics
- Analyzing transitions
- Checking for coding consistency
- Export to spreadsheet and statistical packages 


Anybody with serious interest in computer-aided collection and
analysis of behavioral data should participate. A great deal of the
tutorial will be customized to your personal wishes, so both
beginners and advanced persons can expect a productive learning


- Date: April 2, 1998
- Time: 9:00-12:30 a.m.
- Where: Georgia Tech Continuing Education Training Facility 
(adjacent to the Sheraton Colony Square), Atlanta, GA, USA 
- Participants: Maximum of 32 persons 
- Price: US $175


There will be one 3.5-hour session contingent on significant interest.
To register, please print and fax the registration form available at You can also call Melissa
Sergent at Noldus Information Technology Inc. at 1-800-355-9541 to
receive the form by fax, or send an e-mail message to icis at
The deadline for registration is
February 28, 1998.

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