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William Wetzels Bill at
Thu Jan 29 16:58:12 EST 1998

First of all:  I`m not a professional, just a desperate "civilian" looking for info and
help on the following:

A few weeks ago, my wife (47), after some MRI-scans, got the following diagnosis (sorry,
it is in Durch, but I`m sure the professionals will understand):


This tumor should be located in the " hersenstam" ( my encyclopedia  tells me that the
latin term is " Truncus Cerebri".
At this moment, it causes unsensitivity at her right side, walking is difficult, she is
tiered etc. and it`s getting worse every day.
According to her docters, it is very difficult to do something about it and they are
looking who would be able to do an operation.
We have been told what the consequences will be if nothing would be done, and also what
the consequences would be at an operation. Also, very few specialists ( none so far) in
Holland would take the risk of operating.
 My questions:

- What is it exactly? What does it do?
- What will happen if nothing will be done?
- What can be done?
- What are the risks? 
- What are the chances?
- Is there a chance she will be able to live a normal live again?
- Are there any specialists who could deal with this problem and could help her?

Please let me know. Also, if anybody knows another  newsgroup were I could post this
message, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

William Wetzels


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