Chen Linan chenln at PUBLIC.BTA.NET.CN
Thu Jan 29 22:58:00 EST 1998

Hi, every scientists,

I am a long-time listener of this forum. Here are many interesting topices
being discussed, such as machine brain, thalam, brain model, slide
reconstruction. It is really informative.

But I don't think what we are discussing with might not be the main stream
in the neuroscience, pardon my frankness please, in fact it is somewhat
obsolete. Do not to be angry with my words, I don't mean to sound stupid or
anything, dear host and other scientists. If you prefer not to hear from me,
just throw my email into the dust. But it is really my TRUE feeling. 

In my research, I find out there are several promising growth points, for
instance, neural stem cell, down-regulation of external gene expression in
vivo, neural trophic factors, gene therapy, gene expression controlled by
external forces(mangnetic field, ultrasonic, chemicals). 

The next 1000 years is that of neuroscienc which remain a riddle to mankind.

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