Brain cell regeneration

Jason Dossett spoons at
Fri Jan 30 12:28:17 EST 1998

I was just curious if anyone has heard or seen any evidence that brain
cells can regenerate on their own, even if it is extremely slow or so
minute as to not make much difference.

A friend and I debated this topic because I could have sworn that I had
heard that someone had determined that the brain can regenerate, but after
infancy it slows down so much as not to have any effect.  As my friend has
B.S. in Biology and I in E.E., I eventually admitted defeat, but it still
annoys me because I swear I heard it somewhere.

I did read about research where transplanted cells (or part of the cells -
forgive my ignorance on the subject) were able to regenerate in lab rats,
but no mention of the subject I am curious about was made.

Thanks in advance,

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